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Lemesios - Them

Constantinos Lemesios presenting his new album "Them", experiments with atmospheric electronic sounds and synthesizers, and wanders between IDM music and the underground, art-pop European electronic scene.  I had the pleasure of co-producing this EP and bounce ideas with the man himself back and forth from day one. I want to thank Lemesios for trusting me and giving me the creative freedom to fully immerse in the project and create a very unique and forward thinking sonic pallet.

Music: Constantinos Lemesios
Production: Constantinos Lemesios and Andreas Hadjipandelis
Lyrics: Constantinos Lemesios, Qliona and Emily Charalambous
Mixing: Alex Bolpasis at Suono Studios
Mastering: Bari Hadjikyriacou at All Ears Mastering
Artwork: Panayiotis Nikolaou

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Lemesios - Them EP Album Cover
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