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We had the pleasure of offering our mixing services to metal powerhouse Blynd, for their fourth studio album 'Unbeliever'.

Conceived and forged against the backdrop of wars, mental fragility, and authoritarian mindsets, this album is a raw testament to our ever-evolving vision and streams of consciousness.
'Unbeliever' features 9 new tracks that are meant to be played loud.

Track list:

1. Infernal
2. Between Two Worlds
3. Primordial Hunter
4. One Last Dance
5. Until We Die
6. 1984
7. Fire in the Sky
8. Uncrowned
9. Ground Zero


Produced by Blynd

Distributed by Pitch Black Records
Artwork by Alex Iacovou

Mixed by Andreas Hadjipandelis (Kition Audio)

Mastering by Bari Hadjikyriacou (All Ears Mastering)

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