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IMPT: Make a Green Impact While Shopping!

A brand awareness video production for IMPT.IO

Production: Pangram Pixels
Director/DoP: Christos Panayiotou
Production manager: Skevi Laou
1st AC: Cyprus Petrakkidis and Mike Antoniou
Gaffer: Antonis Anthimiades
Drone: Mike Antoniou
Sound: Andreas Hadjipandelis
VFX: Totis Raphael
Actors: Vasilisa, Maria Siray and Andreas Ceraso
Extras: Danae Laou and Valeria Georgallidou
Stylist: Aphrodite Koupepidou
Make-Up: Chloe Votsi
Hair Stylist: Angelo Georgiou and Antreas Christodoulou
Backstage photography: Dre Photowork

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