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Andreas Hadjipandelis at TEDx Larnaca

Andreas Hadjipandelis, BSc (Hons) / MA

Andreas is a Music Producer, Sound Engineer and Sound Designer. Since the age of 12 he has been an active musician and performer for various projects playing guitar and electronics.

In 2008 Andreas moved to the UK to study Sound Engineering and Production at Birmingham City University. His relationship with sound changed as he embraced technology and the vast variety of ways he can twist, manipulate, create and distort sound.

In 2012 he moved to London for his postgraduate studies in the field of Audio Production and Sound Design at the University of Westminster. In London Andreas found himself musically, and started releasing music under the moniker “Rat”.

After his graduation he worked at Antelope Audio for two years as the Technical Support Assistant Manager, Orion 32 and Zen Studio product specialist.

Since his return to Cyprus in 2014, he has launched Kition Audio, a post-production studio based in Larnaca, offering services such as music production, sound mixing, sound design for visual media and location sound recording.

In 2017 Andreas started teaching at Cyprus College where he is the module coordinator for "Sound for Visual Media", "Electronic Music Production Techniques", "Sound Mixing Level 1" and "Sound Mixing Level 2"

Andreas was given the opportunity to present his ideas and perform at the first TEDx Talk in Larnaca with the talk “The Metamorphosis of Sounds”, focusing on the digital manipulation of organic recorded sounds into digital synthesizers and otherworldly instruments.

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