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Punctum II

Site Specific Promenade Performance
October 2018  | Larnaca | Part of Larnaca Biennale 2018

A unique unconventional performance with no narrative.
Like a work of art the audience was asked to wonder around, observe and fantasize the story or stories behind each room. 


During dusk people’s lives shift from public to private, from the exterior into the interior where everything inevitably becomes more mystified.
Some say that we ( people) tend to never expose the ‘real self’ but rather undergo a transformation of who we would rather like to be and be seen by others. It is a strange action of imitating ourselves and of never being authentic. We tend to look like anyone else but ourselves. But behind closed doors that’s where our true self appears.

How would it feel to experience a moment in someone else’s private life? How would it feel to witness 
someone’s true self?

Devised & Developed |Stavri Papa, Eleni Moiseos, Avgerinos Santamas, EfiEri Melanidou

Design | Stavri Papa 
Photography | Stelios Stylianou & Georgia Nirou
Original Soundtrack | Andreas Hadjipandelis (Rat)
Video Production | Mark Kassinos  (Thelum)

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