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Rat is Andreas' moniker for his solo electronica/techno/dub productions. 
Since 2012 Rat has been constantly releasing music on various local and international labels with undertones of dub, techno and garage.
Rat’s productions have a distinct complexity in both sound design and synthesis; a skill developed through his studies and professional work as a sound designer, as well as poly-rhythmic and convoluted rhythmic patterns; an influence and homage to his progressive rock roots. This project acts as Andreas' creative outlet, blending atmospheric emotions with digital manipulation and psychoacoustics,
As Rat never picked up DJing, he decided to putt his technical know-how to good use, and started playing live sets using a variety of analogue synthesizers, his guitar and Ableton Live as a sequencer and workstation. His live sets are an emotional rollercoaster spanning from deep sentiment all the way to floor stomping rhythms.


The Cyprus Diaries LP - 11/11/2022, Self Release (Bandcamp Exclusive)

Just You And I EP - 27/10/2022, Liako Records (Digital Only)

Carlos Fernandez - Hacked (Rat Remix) - 30/10/2021, Liako Records (Digital Only)

Get What You Want (Absolut Anthem) - 24/06/2021, Absolut Vodka (Digital Only)

Meridian Response - 13/01/2021, Regular Beats Records (Digital Only)

Foreign Eye - 30/03/2020, Liako Records (Digital Only)

JzzTch EP – 24/07/2019, Regular Beats Records (Digital Only)

A.R.P (Regular Music For Irregular People Vol6) - 27/03/2019, Regular Beats Records (Digital Only)

Less Bitter, More Content (Mutual Ground II) - 24/07/2018, Honest Electronics (CD, Digital)

Aphelion EP - 30/04/2018, Sanille Recordings (Digital Only)

Daniel Whyte & Christopher Breeze - The Unknown (Rat Remix) - 12/04/2018, District Family (Digital Only) Daniel Whyte - Illusions of Truth (Rat Remix) - 31/07/2017, Sanille Recordings (Digital Only)

Women / On & On - 14/06/2017, Regular Beats Records (Digital Only)

Immersion (Regular Music For Irregular People Vol4) - 11/01/2017, Regular Beats Records (Digital Only) Bodhi/Figtree Bay - 01/09/2016, Sanille Recordings (Digital Only)

B1 EP - 20/06/2016, Karmak Records (Digital Only) A1 (single) - 15/02/2016, Self-release (Soundcloud Only) Eloquent – 11/10/2015, Albion Collective (Digital Free Download)

High Dude – Abduct (Rat’s Bootleg Remix) – 21/09/2015, Self-Release (Soundcloud Only)

Jay Fish – Slap (Rat Remix) – 11/09/2015, Karmak Records (Digital Only)

Memento (Deep Heads Vol.2 Compilation) – 22/06/2015, Deep Heads (CD, Digital)

BillyD – Blossom (Rat Dub Edit) – 06/04/2015, Green Kiwi Records (Digital Only)

Earthly (Single) – 23/03/2015, Sanille Recordings (Digital Only)

Clap Your Hands/Halcyon – 08/12/2014, Sanille Recordings (Digital Only)

Radiation Lock (Dark Coalition Badman Compilation) –25/08/2014, Dark Coalition (Digital Only)

Dulcet Lilt (OFD single) – 07/08/2014, One Forty Deep (Digital Only)

KRK091 EP (KRK091) – 15/07/2014, Karmak Records (Beatport Exclusive)

Halo (OFD Single) – 05/06/2014, One Forty Deep (Digital Only)

Around The World In 80 Riddims LP – 16/12/2013, FatKidOnFire (Digital Only)

Alyn Sclosa – Byzantine (Rat Dub Remix) – 12/11/2013, 909Muzik (Digital Only)

PM – Politics (Rat Dub Edit) – 20/09/2013, Karmak Records (Beatport Exclusive)

Gone EP (KRK020) – 22/12/2012, Karmak Records (Digital only)

Summer EP – 17/08/2013, Self-Release (Digital Only - Soundcloud)

I Remember Now EP (KRK005) – 22/06/2013, Karmak Records (Digital only)

Rat - KRK091 Cover
Rat - Bodhi/Figtree Bay Cover
Rat - Clap your Hands/Halcyon Cover
Rat - Aphelion Ep Cover
Rat - Earthly Cover
Rat - Gone EP Cover
CD 2.png

The Cyprus Diaries

“The Cyprus Diaries” is a 50-minute long continuous concept album, second in the series following the success of Rat’s debut LP “Around The World In 80 Riddims”, which was an homage to world music via a bass producer’s point of view.
The album tells the story of Cyprus’ recent history, from the islands declaration of independence until today. As time does not pause or stand still, so does the album flow in continuous manner without breaks between its songs. Each song marks a specific moment in time, a historic landmark, an event of great significance, and each era is pointed out in a different manner. Some use the timbre and choice of the instruments or historic speeches from the country’s leaders and some simply leave the emotion guide the listener to the desired point in time.
This piece of music is not meant to represent any nationalist or political ideologies and should be regarded as a tribute to traditional Cypriot music and history, infused within various sub-genres of techno and electronica. It is an emotional map of recent events from the producer’s perspective.

Around The World In 80 Riddims LP

Rat's first full length album is an homage to world music through the eyes of a bass music producer. The intention was to create an album with raw elements from all around the world, not directly maintaining their respective genres, but use these elements as tools. The album obviously involves a lot of sampling, as well as several spontaneous recordings with a portable recorder. 

Most of the research happened online, looking for weird traditional instruments and understanding rhythmic patterns within world music.

The European section of the album comes from countries Rat has either lived in or visited. 


Get What You Want

In 2021, Rat was part of Absolut Vodka's dare campaign, which involved various Instagram takeovers talking about creativity, inspiration and production techniques as well as billboards and videos. By the end Rat was challenged to create the new Absolut Anthem using recordings and samples from the Absolut Bottle.


“Depth Perception” was a series of four performances by music artist Rat, exploring various sub-genres of low-fi rhythm based electronica in three dimensions. The events included conceptual visuals and immersive installations created and curated by Rat and Mark Kassinos.With the success of the first installment, three events of the sequential "Depth Elevation" followed, with Rat curating works of other forms of art such as sculpting, photography, videography and graffiti. Each session was autonomous and delved into the qualitatively and quantitatively defined physical characteristics (space, time and matter) of various musical sub-genres and their corresponding sub-cultures; blending music and art as one experience. As a whole, the trio of events aimed to immerse visitors in a deep sentiment, elevating and exponentially scaling as the exhibition reaches its closure. During the final night, Rat presented an experimental and yet unreleased full length album entitled "The Cyprus Diaries". The album told the recent history of Cyprus; the division, hatred, war and pain from the independence of the island from Brisith rule, staged military coup, Turkish invasion and hope for liberation. 

Depth Perception 1
Depth Perception 2
Depth Perception 3
Depth Perception 4
Depth Elevation 1
Depth Elevation 2
Depth Elevation 3
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